Armenian government urged to give refuge to Christian Assyrians





Assyrians have applied to the Armenian Government with a request to give shelter to Christian Assyrians. Also, they have called on the world powers to save the Assyrian people from Genocide.

Assyrians say what has been happening in the Middle East from August 2014 is a classical example of genocide.

Speaking about the situation in the Middle East, genocide scholar Anahit Khosroeva reminded that in the morning of February 23 the terrorists of the Islamic State attacked over 30 Assyrian villages and abducted hundreds of Assyrians.

“Today Assyrians intend to release a video, urging US President Barack Obama to stop the military strikes against ISIS, as otherwise the captives will be killed,” she said.

“What’s happening in the Middle East should become a priority issue not only for Assyrians and Yazidis, but also the whole Christian world, Chairman of the Assyrian Union Razmik Khosroev said.

Taking into consideration the attitude of Armenia towards the Syrian Armenians, Khosroev applied to the Armenian Government, asking to take a decision on Assyrian refugees. He considers that Christian Assyrians have the right to find refuge in Armenia. The Assyrian Union has prepared a letter, which will soon be forwarded to the Armenian government.

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