Armenian Assembly Board elects new leadership to succeed Hirair Hovnanian

After a lifetime of service to Armenia and the Armenian American community, Hirair Hovnanian is stepping down as Chairman of the Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly). Last week, the recently inaugurated Armenian Assembly Board of Trustees, which includes four former Assembly interns, elected new leadership.

Massachusetts Board Member Anthony Barsamian and New York Board Member Van Krikorian were elected to serve as Co-Chairs of the Assembly. Together, they will oversee the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Outgoing Chair Hirair Hovnanian, who served the Assembly since its inception and was its Chairman for over thirty years, gave his heart and soul to the Assembly, stated “It has been an honor to lead the Assembly. I commend each and every member of the Board for their dedication and commitment, and wish Van and Anthony every success.” Effective May 1, Hovnanian will assume the title Chairman Emeritus.

Krikorian and Barsamian, reflecting on the centennial year, stated, “as our first order of business, we must ensure that a bipartisan majority of Congress calls upon President Obama to unequivocally affirm the Armenian Genocide this April 24th and that other prominent public figures and institutions make the same call.”

“As American citizens committed to genocide prevention, we have a keen interest in the United States reasserting its leadership role on this issue, which is in line with over 40 states that are on record as well as former President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 executive order. In addition, the Vatican along with 20 countries, including France, Poland, Germany, Russia and Canada, have also affirmed the Armenian Genocide,” continued Co-Chairs Barsamian and Krikorian. “In this critically important year, our members and activists across the country will play a pivotal role in our success.”

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