Spanish city of Burjassot officially recognized Armenian Genocide

The city council of Burjassot, a city in Spain, in on-going January session approved a petition, officially recognizing Armenian Genocide and condemning crimes against humanity committed during it. The petition was filed by “Compromis” party.

The petition reads, “This year marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, which is considered to be the first genocide of twentieth century. Massacres and deportations of Armenians were committed in 1915-1921 on the territory of today’s Turkey, in particular, under the rule of Young Turks, resulting in killings of 1.5 million of Armenians, and almost 2 million were forced to leave their homes, forming large Armenian Diaspora.”

Project is to be conveyed to “Ararat” Association of Mislata, Foreign Minister of Spain, party groups represented in Congress of Deputies, those of Parliament of Valencia, Embassy of Armenia in Spain and Burjassot’s NGOs.

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