Message of His Holiness Karekin II on Armed Forces Day

From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, our sacred sanctuary established by Christ, We extend Our Pontifical blessings and congratulations to the brave officers and soldiers of the Armenian Armed Forces, and all Armenians throughout the world on the occasion of Armed Forces Day.

The Armenian army; formed and strengthened in war battles, is the pride of our nation, that during this critical period in our history, achieved great victories with a patriotic heart and courageous spirit for the sake of the free and peaceful life of our people in Armenia and Artsakh.

Also today our state borders are safe through the vigilant service of the Armenian army. Thanks to the dedication and courage of the faithful souls of our soldiers and commanders, the provocation and danger impeding peaceful and normal life for our people, are prevented.

We raise our prayers to the Almighty God that He receives the souls of our fallen heroes into peaceful harbors and that He supports and strengthens the officers and soldiers of the Armenian Army for the love of their sacred calling of the homeland.

May our Lord Jesus Christ maintain our native land in peace and tranquillity and grants a secure and prosperous life to our pious people.

With blessings,


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