New book on Armenian Genocide published in Norway

On January 22, the branch of “P.E.N.” Association organized presentation of the book “Armenian Genocide” by prominent Norwegian correspondent, writer, Professor of Oslo University, Jahn Otto Johansen at the hall of Norwegian the Fritt Ord Foundation in Oslo. The book gives an opportunity to the Norwegian society to be acquainted with the documentary data and analytical comments.

Well-known public figures and politicians, diplomats, scientists, representatives of Norwegian Armenian community, and journalists attended the event.

Lawyer Hanne Sophie Greve, historian, expert at leading Norwegian analytical centre “Sivita”, Bord Larsen, writer and expert in Turkey Eugene Shulgin delivered separate speeches.

In his address, Jahn Otto Johansen mentioned that his book is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and despite Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide aggressively the book is not against the Turks.

In his speech Bord Larsen noted, that what Armenians underwent is unambiguously Genocide, which is legal category, ensuing legal consequences.

In her speech former judge of the European Court of Human Rights Hanne Sophie Greve mentioned, “The Armenian Genocide must not be denied. That was a Genocide in its most severe expression.”

Pianist Mariam Kharatyan performed classical music during the presentation.

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