NKR President chairs the cabinet meeting

On 23 January Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan chaired the meeting of the NKR Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to ensuring the performance of the 2015 state budget and adoption of the Cabinet of Ministers’ action plan in 2015, NKR President’s Press Service reports.

Summing up the activities of the meeting the President touched upon political developments of the past year, government activity and key projects to be realized in 2015.

Speaking about the activities carried out by the government in socioeconomic field the President evaluated them as generally satisfactory. According to President Sahakyan despite the impact of some negative trends in global economy and geopolitical competition, Artsakh’s economy has maintained positive dynamics of the economic growth, the government has fulfilled all the assumed social responsibilities including raising salaries, pensions, allowances, bonuses and other social payments. Bako Sahakyan stressed that diligence, law obedience and optimism of the people, as well as the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity, is the pivotal foundation of all achievements.

Along with the accomplishments the President touched upon problems, unresolved issues and tasks to be fulfilled. The President underlined that the issues of accurate organization, development and implementation of comprehensive mid-term and long-term projects, correct personnel policy, low level of local initiatives required special attention.

President Sahakyan gave concrete instructions on the proper implementation of projects planned for 2015, noting that the government and its structures were expected to show active, efficient and coordinated work.

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