Full application of Armenia law in Gyumri murder case impossible: Prosecutor General

Armenian Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan visited the Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak province. He held a press conference dedicated to the slaughter of the family of six in Gyumri by Russian soldier.

Valery Permyakov, the perpetrator of the crime, and any person related to the crime will be punished, Kostanyan assured.

The Prosecutor General said the crime in Gyumri should be considered in the context of international law. “We should not be guided by emotion, because this is a matter to be regulated by international law,” he said.

Gevorg Kostanyan noted that full application of the Armenian law in the case is impossible, as Armenia has international agreements, which comprise part of our legislature.

The Prosecutor General stressed that if a military crime is committed on the territory of Armenia, the Russian legislature should be applied. If there is a different crime, we deal with the Armenian legislature.

Kostanyan noted that the criminal will stand trial in Armenia and everyone here will have an opportunity to follow the whole process.

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