Australian History Channel to air a documentary on Armenian Genocide

The Australian History Channel (Foxtel 613) will be airing an hour long documentary on the Armenian Genocide at 9:30pm AEST today.

“More than a million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1916; victims of a policy of deportation and massacres. This is one of the worst genocides of the twentieth century, one of the most controversial as well, always denied by Turkey and hotly legal battles.

To understand the origin, nature and issues of the Armenian Genocide, Laurence Jourdan endeavored to trace the massacres committed against the Armenians during the previous decades and analyze the geopolitical context that preceded and followed the course of genocide.

Throughout the film, reports and texts of Western diplomats in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the facts remarkably enlighten us on the methods used and the axes of deportations. These stories are combined with testimonies of genocide survivors still alive today and the archives of the Ottoman authorities,” reads a post on the Channel’s website.

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