Larisa Alaverdyan: The trial of two Azeris in Stepanakert quite legal

Armine Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The trial of the two Azerbaijanis in Nagorno Karabakh is quite legal, Executive Director of the Foundation Against the Violation of Law (FAVL) told reporters today.

The trial of two Azerbaijani saboteurs Dilham Aliyev and Shahbaz Guliyev began at the First Instance Court of Stepanakert on October 27. The two are accused of illegally crossing the NKR border, illegally carrying weapons, kidnapping, killing a juvenile and attempting a murder on the national basis.

Mrs. Alaverdyan advised to distinguish between an unrecognized country and an illegal trial. “We should welcome that the activity of judicial bodies in an unrecognized state corresponds to the norms of international law,” she said.

Larisa Alaverdyan said Artsakh was ready to invite observers or advocates from another country, but no one applied. “The Azerbaijani side has addressed  the international community regarding this case, but there has been no response. This can be explained by the fact that the international community has a feeling of guilt because of the Ramil Safarov case. Azerbaijan has sidelined itself from the civilized world,” Larisa Alaverdyan said.

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