French Lawmaker introduces new bill criminalizing genocide denial

French Member of Parliament Valerie Boyer has introduced a new bill criminalizing public denial of the Armenian Genocide in France, Asbarez reports.

She said the document has been submitted to all the parliamentary institutions of France and over 40 members of parliament have already signed it.

Boyer recalled that on April 24 French President Francois Hollande promised to sign a resolution criminalizing the public denial of the Armenian Genocide if such a resolution is passed by the French National Assembly. Boyer is convinced that the president will fulfill his promise. She said the massacre of national minorities in the Middle East by ISIS fighters makes such a document extremely urgent. The lawmaker believes that if passed earlier, this document could prevent what is happening now in the Middle East.

Previously, Valerie Boyer introduced a similar bill, which the French National Assembly passed. However, the Constitutional Council deemed the bill unconstitutional and declined it.

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