Mark Zuckerberg donates $25m to fight Ebola

Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, has donated $25m (£15.7m) to a charity that seeks to stop the spread of deadly diseases, as efforts to stem Ebola accelerate.

In a Facebook post to his followers, Mr. Zuckerberg said he had donated the money to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation as the Ebola epidemic reaches a “critical turning point”.

The 30-year-old technology entrepreneur said: “The Ebola epidemic is at a critical turning point. It has infected 8,400 people so far, but it is spreading very quickly and projections suggest it could infect 1 million people or more over the next several months if not addressed.”

He said the money will help people on the ground setting up care centers, training local staff, identifying Ebola cases “and much more”.

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