Pasadena to host discussion on Armenia’s IT Industry and the Diaspora

Three entrepreneurs, Harmik Baghdasarian, Al Eisaian and Aram Ter-Martirosyan from Los Angeles who have established various successful Information Technology (IT) related businesses in Armenia will present their stories, successes, and difficulties. They will address how to be profit-driven, establish and maintain high standards, how to compete and operate in Armenia, and most importantly how to commit time and resources. This lecture hosted by the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA), will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 16 reports Asbarez.

“This will be a great opportunity for people who are thinking to establish businesses in high tech in Armenia to hear how these three entrepreneurs have succeeded” stated AESA President Vasken Yardemian. “It will provide us with great opportunities to learn from their experiences and share their entrepreneurial insights on how to create something that people want.”

Harmik Baghdasarian has a B.S. in Computer Science from London University, England. He has been involved in implementation of large scale ERP systems for various global organizations, such as Epson Inc, Sony Enterprises, and Able Freight in US. Harmik has been an active member of the community and has been actively involved in working with Armenia in pursue of creating IT related jobs. In October of 1997 started outsourcing software development projects to Armenia and has been continuing it since then. His current organization Ogma Inc., has been officially working in Yerevan Armenia as a software development company and has been able to complete a large number of successful projects in areas of Web and mobile development.

Al Eisaian is an entrepreneur, technology investor, and advisor. He has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BSEE from Oklahoma State University. His most recent company, IconApps, Inc., where he served as founder and Chairman & CEO, was acquired by Science Inc. Al has served as the Global Head of Product Strategy and Marketing for Opera Solutions, a global Big-Data analytics company from 2010-2011. In 2005 Al co-founded and served as Executive Chairman of Integrien Corporation in Armenia until its acquisition by VMWare in 2010 for $103 million. Al co-founded and served as CEO of CreationPoint Systems, a systems management software and services company from 2001-2005. Al served as the SVP and General Manager of LowerMyBills, Inc. acquired by Experian Corporation (for $400 million) from 2000-2001. Al has invested and is an advisor in several technology start-up companies.

Aram Ter-Martirosyan holds a B.S. from UCLA in Computer Science and Engineering and M.S. in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He started his professional career in 1993 at Lexi International, a telecommunications company, as a software engineer and very rapidly advanced to senior software engineer, project manager, and ultimately, software architect. In 1999, Aram joined Hi-Tech Gateway, Inc. as Cofounder and CIO, which is a software development company in Armenia involved in developing telecommunications related programs that have extensive experience in developing web-based and mobile applications. Since 2005, Aram Ter-Martirosyan cofounded ConnectTo Communications, Inc., which is providing a wide array of telecommunications services for consumers and businesses including telephone, Internet, wireless, security and IPTV services.

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