Karabakh Security Council discusses the situation at the Line of Contact

On 25 August President Bako Sahakyan convoked a meeting of the Security Council. The agenda of the meeting consisted of two block of issues, the first related to the activities carried out to improve the situation formed in the Shahoumyan region and along the Karabakh-Azerbaijani border following the escalation incited by Azerbaijan in the July-August of the current year, the results of it and further steps to be carried out in this direction; the second was related to celebrations of the 23rd anniversary of the NKR proclamation, NKR President’s Press Office reported.

NKR defense minister, heads of the National Security Service, the Police, the State Service for Emergency Situations delivered reports on the first block.

Touching upon the recent incidents along the Karabakh-Azerbaijani borderline the President underlined that due to complex work, joint efforts of the Artsakh Defense Army and the corresponding structures all the encroachments undertaken by the enemy were efficiently rebuffed, causing great losses to the adversary.

According to the President, our reaction once again demonstrated high level of the armed forces’ preparedness, the unwavering spirit and patriotism of our soldiers, the cohesion of the society against external threats and their willingness to defend independence, security and dignity of our state.

Bako Sahakyan expressed gratitude to the command staff and the personnel of the Defense Army, Artsakh freedom fighters, the relevant state structures, to the nation and the authorities for the skills and abilities to rebuff jointly and effectively any encroachment, considering it the best manifestation of professionalism and patriotism.

Speaking about the positive sides, the President also mentioned the readiness and ability to notice the drawbacks and weak sides and take appropriate measures for eliminating them, expressing confidence that both the command staff of the Armed Forces and the heads of the relevant power security structures would examine and discuss those issues on a professional level.

Deputy Prime Minister, head of the government’s commission for organizing and coordinating solemn events dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the NKR proclamation Arthur Aghabekyan delivered a report on the second block of issues.

President Sahakyan highlighted the organized and high-level implementation of all the planned events.

The Head of the State gave concrete instructions to the NKR government and appropriate structures for proper implementation of the tasks concerning the agenda issues.

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