A war will burst in Europe, an anonymous source of Kremlin says

Yesterday’s decision of Hague Court concerning the YUKOS case, according to which Russia must pay 50 billion dollars compensation to company’s former shareholders, is not of particular importance, at least, on the background of serious geopolitical tension with regard of Ukraine.

“A war is going to burst in Europe. Do you think that the court’s decision is the very thing to worry about at the moment?” the source close to the President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin told “Financial Times”, hinting on the point that currently the RF President is busy with other more critical issues.

Recall, by yesterday’s decision of the International Arbitrary Court it was proved that it was Russia who led YUKOS to a bankrupt. Moscow is in right to appeal to the court’s decision within 10 days, otherwise, the compensation will be made starting from January 15, 2015.

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