Giro Manoyan says Erdogan could visit Armenia as President

Artak Barseghyan
Public Radio of Armenia

A few days ago Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in an article published in the Turkish Policy Quarterly journal that an “unjust memory has been created around the events of 1915.” Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office Giro Manoyan says this was yet another attempt by the Turkish Foreign Minister to distort history and facts.

“The Turkish Foreign Minister’s approaches reflect the provisions of Prime Minister Erdogan’s message to Armenians issued on April 23,” Manoyan said.

According to him, linking the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations to the Karaabakh issue is unacceptable.

Manoyan said Erdogan’s expected victry in the presidential elections to be held in August is unlikely to affect the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations.

Nevertheless, he does not rule out that as President, Erdogan could accept the Armenian President’s invitation to attend the 100th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

According to him, Erdogan may commemorate all victims of the First World War, but will never recognize the Armenian Genocide.

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