Armenian reiterates commitment to contribute to security in Afghanistan

On June 25 Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian participated in and offered a speech at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the countries contributing to the International Security Force in Afghanistan (ISAF).

The meeting dedicated to the situation in Afghanistan and the tasks of the international community was attended by more than 50 Foreign Ministers of NATO member states and countries contributing to ISAF.

Speaking at the sitting, Minister Nalbandian noted that the international community has been making consistent efforts to establish security and stability in Afghanistan, and now, when the function of guaranteeing security has been transferred to the national security forces of Afghanistan, it is important to render necessary assistance for the effective implementation of their mission.

The Armenian Foreign Minister voiced hope that it would be possible to overcome the post-election difficulties in Afghanistan in a constructive manner acceptable to the parties, paving the way for the establishment of stability and security in the country.

Minister Nalbandian reiterated Armenia’s commitment to maintain the support to the efforts of the international community aimed at establishing security and national solidarity in Afghanistan.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian had a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of the sitting.

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