GenEd republishes landmark book of Armenian Genocide news reports

The Genocide Education Project has republished the seminal book, “The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts from the American Press: 1915-1922,” Asbarez reports.

OGenedbookriginally edited and published in 1980 by Richard Kloian, the founder of the Armenian Genocide Resource Center who passed away in 2010, the 400 page book is a compilation of New York Times articles, magazine stories, eyewitness accounts, and official documents about the Armenian Genocide, as they were first published in the American press of the day. The Genocide Education Project (GenEd) was given the rights to the book by Mrs. Toni Kloian, in order for the book to remain in publication and continue to provide scholars, educators, and policy makers access to this valuable resource.

“‘The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts from the American Press’ is an essential work of scholarship,” writes author and Colgate University professor, Peter Balakian. “Kloian meticulously presents the vast and rich coverage of the Armenian Genocide in the major American press, especially the New York Times, and in doing so provides us with an important way of understanding the scope and magnitude of the Armenian Genocide in its historical moment — a moment that still has large ramifications nearly a century later.”

“The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts from the American Press” is a compelling chronicle of the Armenian Genocide, the systematic deportations and massacres of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, perpetrated by the Turkish government between 1915 and 1922. Reports in U.S. newspapers of the 1890-1909 massacres and the 1915 genocide galvanized the entire nation, spawning the first international human rights movement in the United States, including protests and unprecedented national relief efforts.

Included in the book are:
• 200 articles from The New York Times, 1890-1915
• 68 articles from fourteen American journals
• American Ambassador Morgenthau’s personal account of the genocide
• Lord Bryce’s report on Turkish atrocities in Armenia
• Accounts by German, Turkish, Italian & Danish eyewitnesses
• Scores of eyewitness survivor accounts
• Telegrams by the Turkish Interior Minister, Talaat Pasha, admitting genocide
• Transcript of the Ottoman Military Court trial indictment and death sentences for the former leaders for war crimes
• Photographs of the deportations and massacres

Alan Whitehorn, emeritus professor of political science at the Royal Military College of Canada, recently wrote in the Armenian Weekly, “The most innovative and path-breaking work on newspaper coverage of the genocide was conducted by Richard Kloian in his 1980 monumental book, ‘The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From the American Press (1915-1922).’ Working for many years to gather diverse material and employing far less advanced technology, Kloian surveyed the American press for the key seven-year period…The volume he delivered at nearly 400 pages was epic and pioneering… It is an essential reference work for anyone doing sustained research on the Armenian Genocide.”

The American Book Review stated it is “a must for all libraries that have sections devoted to the Middle East, Armenia, and the phenomenon of genocide.”

“The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts from the American Press: 1915-1922” is available for $25 plus shipping from The Genocide Education Project.

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