An elegant grey coat with an Armenian flag brooch: Aram MP3’s second rehearsal on Eurovision stage

Aram MP3 has had fun in Copenhagen the last few days but today it was time for him to rehearse once more int the B&W Hallerne! Today, for the first time, his stage clothes were shown to the camera, as well as the pyrotechnical effects that were tested for his Semi-Final performance.

“It’s always hard to get up in the morning and immediately start singing. So I got up early today and did some vocal exercises,” Aram MP3 told backstage before his rehearsal.

He was wearing his stage clothes for the first time – a dark grey coat with an diamond-shaped brooch in the colours of the Armenian flag, black gloves and black boots. “We are still making our minds up if I should have a grey shirt or a black one, but I like the black one more”, he said before proceeding to his soundcheck.

On stage, the wind machine was used, giving the impression that Aram is facing a storm during his chorus, with his coat fluttering. He was performing all alone, without backing artists, delivering a strong vocal performance.

Pyrotechnical effects are also used to underline the strong message of the song: vertical flames appeared in front of him at the same time as the arrangement of Not Alone picks up in strength. At that very moment, the light scenery on the backdrop also brightens up, with pulsating elements.

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