Armenian Genocide Memorial to be unveiled in Pasadena in 2015

Lilit Sedrakyan
Public Radio of Armenia

An Armenian Genocide Memorial will be unveiled in Pasadena on April 24, 2015. Before that the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee is raising funds to cover the construction expenses.

The memorial design consists of a sculptural tripod from which a drop of water would fall every 21 seconds into a basin beneath it. Approximately 1.5 million drops will fall over the course of a year. The tripod will be surrounded by stone paving, benches and a formal hedge in a circular pattern. It will be 28 feet in diameter and 16 feet in height.

Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Judy Chu (D-CA) are among the supporters of the project. According to Congresswoman Judy Chu, the construction of the memorial is first of all an important step to prevent the reoccurrence of similar crimes in the future. “When I was young, I knew nothing about the Armenian Genocide. When I became an elected official, and started attending commemorative events, I was shocked. I heard the speeches, I heard the stories, and could not believe the killing of 1.5 million people could be neglected up until now,” she said.

According to Rep. Schiff, the memorial is not only a tribute to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims. “It will play an important role in informing the foreigners, especially the youth, about this great crime,” he said. He said a new bill has been introduced in the Senate a few days ago and added that they will maintain efforts to promote the genocide bill in the House of Representatives, as well. “We have 50 co-sponsors in the House today. I’m very excited that my colleagues in the Senate introduced a genocide bill. I wish them every success and assure we’ll continue our efforts in the lower chamber. We must not only intensify efforts to succeed this year, but also prepare ground ahead of the 100th anniversary,” Schiff said.

Adam Schiff is now working to ensure support for Kessab Armenians and other Christian communities in Syria. He considers the world is doing too little today to stop violence against Christians in Syria. According to him, what’s more worrisome is that the rebels attacked Kessab from the open border of Turkey. “This fact deserves a greater attention, condemnation and doubled efforts to protect the Armenian community and other Christians,” the Congressman said.

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