Three of the 20 Kessab Armenians kept in Turkish jail set free

Anna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Three of the 20 Armenians kept in Turkish jail were set free after midday today, and they have already reached Latakia, Deputy Chairman of the Social Democratic Hunchakian Party (SDHP) Vazgen Mesropyan said. Speaking to reporters in Yerevan, he said the events should be condemned by the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and measures should be taken to make the international community denounce the attack.

Having learnt about the threat of terrorism, young Armenians of Kessab managed to evacuate 650 families, Vazgen Mesropyan said, adding that thanks to them it became possible to avoid casualties. Nevertheless, 20 Kessab Armenians – mostly elderly people above 80 – were kidnapped.

Vazgen Mesropyan said the events in Kessab were an act of terrorism. He urged the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures to reach condemnation of the events by the international community.

Mesropyan said he would like the international structures to apply sanctions against Turkey, since the country was directly involved in organizing the incursion into Syria.

A few days ago a group of Armenian lawmakers visited Latakia to meet the Kessab Armenians and the Syrian authorities. SDHP Vice-President said, however, that the assistance should be continuous. He is hopeful the Syrian Army will soon liberate the regions currently controlled by the terrorists.

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