Armenian MPs meet Kessab Armenians in Latakia

Most of Kessab Armenians have found refuge in St. Astvatsatsin Church in Latakia and the nearby school, MP Samvel Farmanyan told Tert.am. Farmanyan left for Syria on March 24 with a group of lawmakers.

Today the Armenian MPs met with Kessab Armenians. “I should say the impression was shocking. The situation is like the one we have read about in textbooks and literature about the Armenian Genocide, in the memories of Genocide survivors,” Samvel Farmanyan said.

The Governor, the Mayor and other high-ranking officials in Latakia have assured the Armenian delegation that the Syrian government is taking all possible measures to ensure the return of Kessab Armenians to their native lands.

Farmanyan said Kessab Armenins were encouraged by the visit of the parliamentary delegation. “We conveyed a very important message to them: this is a problem of the whole Armenian nation, not a separate sector of it,” he added.

“These are tragic events, which cannot but bring forth obvious parallels with the events of 100 years ago – the Armenian Genocide,” the MP said.

Upon their return to Armenia, the lawmakers will present their proposals to the National Assembly and the Government, after which the future steps will be determined and the mechanisms of possible aid will be worked out.

Today the Armenian delegation will return from Latakia to Damascus.

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