ANC Chapter Formed in Austria

Following close on the heels of Romania and Poland, on March 18th, the Austrian-Armenian Committee for Justice and Democracy was founded in Vienna, in the presence of Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Hungary and Austria, his Excellency Arman Kirakosyan, the spiritual leader of Armenians in Austria Reverend Father Andreas Isakhanyan and representatives of Armenian community organizations in Austria.

President of the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (ANC of Europe) Kaspar Karampetian in his speech referred to the challenges facing Armenians, the issue of recognition and reparation for the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish state, Armenia-Turkey relations, current developments in Artsakh, issues facing Armenians in Javakhk, Armenia’s rapprochement process with the EU following the decision to join the Customs Union, and the crisis surrounding Armenians in Syria.

Karampetian emphasized the importance of Austria for the activities of the Armenian National Committee in Europe, and officially announced the formation of the Austrian-Armenian Committee for Justice and Democracy in Vienna, Austria. Presenting the Committee’s young and specially educated staff, he called upon help and assistance to the Committee’s activities as they are aiming to resolve primary issues faced by Armenians all over the world.

At the end of his talk, Karampetian expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Kirakossyan for his presence and mentioned that Armenian Committees for Justice and Democracy are working over the abovementioned issues in close cooperation with the official representative offices of Armenia at all places where they have a presence.

Taking the floor, ambassador Kirakossyan welcomed the foundation of the Committee and stated his readiness to work in close cooperation with it. The ambassador suggested to meet without delay and to discuss the joint work to be done for the commemorations of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, as well as to plan future activities.

Garo Chadoian, the chairman of the newly founded Committee, presented the Committee’s staff and mentioned that from the first day it is necessary to cooperate with the embassy and all other Armenian organizations with the objective to make plans and coordinate work that will be mainly addressed to the Austrian public, academic circles, and policy makers and officials, who work both inside the country and in international organizations.

The discussion ended with a debate with the representatives of Austrian Armenian community organizations representatives and leaders.

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