World famous Dmitry Sitkovetsky to perform with the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia to perform with

Alisa Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

On March 13 the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia will perform with world famous violinist Dmitry Sitkovetsky. During the concert the audience will enjoy Violin Concerto by Johannes Brahms and Symphony No.6, “Pastorale” by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Sitkovetsky has performed as a soloist with many of the world’s leading orchestras including the Berlin, New York, LA Philharmonic, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He has performed at a number of high-profile festivals. In 2003, Sitkovetsky was appointed Music Director of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra.

“This is my first visit to Armenia and the first cooperation with the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, and I’m very glad about this. I have had concerts in more than 50 countries and have played with over 300 orchestras. I’m well aware of what’s happening in the field of classical music. I can say that the youth orchestras are the most interesting and the most viable today,” Dmitry Sitkovetsky told reporters in Yerevan.

“That is why I’m very glad that my visit to Armenia is connected with cooperation with the Youth Orchestra. This country has an ancient and rich culture. I have had an opportunity to communicate and study with brilliant Armenian artists.  I have performed works by Aram Khachaturian and a good of friend of mine, contemporary American Armenian composer Yakov Yakulov. Someone once called Yakov “a walking Holocaust,” because his ancestors are Armenian, Jewish and Gypsy,” the violinist said.

The musician does not share the opinion that the interest in classical music is gradually fading. “The activeness of youth orchestras is the best refutation of this,” Dmitry Sitkovetsky said. “I have always said that it cannot happen as long as Germany exists. This country has born the Olympian Gods of Music and is committed to its cult of classical music.”

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