Armenia: A new challenge for the Swiss coach

Bernard Challandes, 62, has talked about his new challenge of leading the Armenian national team towards Euro-2016 in an interview with the Swiss Le Matin.

The Swiss manager said his contract is “risky.” “It is valid for the entire campaign for Euro 2016. In case Armenia qualifies, which is the objective of the Chairman of the Football Federation, my contract will be extended. If it fails, I will not become rich. To be honest, I think I’ll pack my bags as soon as Armenia is eliminated from the race for qualification, and without compensation. But I do not care. This is a new challenge, perhaps my last, and I want to take it,” Challandes said.

He said the Armenian team is progressing and has several classy players starting with Henrikh Mikhitaryan (Borussia Dortmund).

Bernard Challandes said he will start coaching the team from May 31, when Armenia plays Algeria in Geneva, before playing against Germany on June 6 in Mainz.

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