No results possible unless Azerbaijan agrees to cooperate

Alisa Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“We cannot reach serious results as long as Azerbaijan refuses to cooperate with us,” Rima Arakelyan, President of the Council of Relatives of Persons Missing in Action told a press conference today. According to her, there is information only about 90 missing persons in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

Speaking about Armenian captive Hakob Injighulyan, Rima Arakelyan said the Azerbaijani side makes him declare that he wants to move to a third country, but the Ministry of Defense is doing its best to return him to Armenia.

According to Azeri media reports, Injighulyan wants to leave for a third country, while his relatives are confident he has done it under pressure.

There are no Azerbaijani captives in Armenia, the Armenian side has returned all of them to Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, about 1,000 Armenian soldiers are considered missing. Rima Arakelyan said there is information about 90 of them being alive, and if the Azerbaijani side demonstrated will, results could be expected.

Mother of a missing soldier Samara Grigoryan said, in turn: “Everything is possible, if Azerbaijan opens its heart. If Azerbaijan keeps its doors and heart closed, we’ll not return either Hakob Injighulyan, or the others.”

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