Turkish Foreign Minister enters from back door to avoid meeting protesters in Yerevan

A group of people protested Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in the Armenian capital Yerevan. Members of the Nikol Aghbalyan Students Union of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the “Sargis Tkhruni” Youth Union gathered in front of the Marriot Hotel in Yerevan, the venue of the 29th sitting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of BSEC member states.

The group gathered to demand that Turkey officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. Davutoglu entered the building from the back entrance to avoid meeting the protesters.

“Turkey proved yet again that it fears to look its own history into the face, it’s afraid to look into the eyes of the heirs of Armenian Genocide survivors,” Chairman of the Nikol Aghbalyan Union Gerasim Vardanyan said.

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