An exhibition to demonstrate abilities and potential of Armenian Children and youth with disabilities

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3, UNICEF and “Pyunic” Armenian Association for Persons with Disabilities organized an exhibition in the UN House in Armenia. Handicrafts made by children and youth with disabilities will be displayed and sold.

The aim of the exhibition is todemonstrate abilities and potential of children with disabilities in Armenia.

More than 70 art works, including woodcarvings, embroidery, ceramic and batic works,handmade greeting cardsand pictureswill be displayed in the UN hall.

Pyunic Armenian Association for Persons with Disabilitiesorganized the production of handicrafts by children and youth with disabilities. “This was a unique opportunity for them to develop their creativity and express their artistic potential. We hope that there will be more such opportunities for Armenian children with disabilities in the near future”,Mr Hakob Abrahamyan from Pyunic NGO pointed out.

UNICEF Armenia Representative Mrs Henriette Ahrens congratulated the children with disabilities for theirbeautiful handicrafts. “This exhibition reminds us that our focus should be on the ability and potential of children,” says Mrs. Ahrens. “Children and youth with disabilities have the same rights as other children.Therefore, they should fully enjoy their rights, be part of the community, attend mainstream schools, access health and social protection services, as well as play and have friends”.

Mrs Henriette Ahrens also announced the launching of a nationwide social inclusion campaign in near future. The campaign will be aimed at demonstrating abilities and potential of children with disabilities, overcoming discriminatory and stereotypical attitudes, supporting their full inclusion into the Armenian society.

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