“Ayb” high school and Dilijan International School sign a memorandum of understanding

“Ayb Learning Hub” (“Ayb” high school) and Dilijan International School (UWC Dilijan) signed a memorandum of understanding in Yerevan today.  The ceremony of signing was held in “Ayb” high school.

The memorandum notes that “Dilijan International School” and “Ayb Learning Hub” foundations are willing to collaborate within the framework of mutually beneficial projects with the goal to improve the results of the efforts aimed at multilateral education of students.

The memorandum particularly envisages that the Parties will work towards involving Ayb students’ in the community development works in Tatev and Dilijan. Under the memorandum, the Parties are going to work on organizing  joint Summer Camps, implement teacher exchange programs and educate children about Social Entrepreneurship projects to be embedded in their curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

“Ayb” high school pupils presented their projects during the Summer Camp organized by the Dilijan International School in July 2013 which hosted 30 children from 13 countries.

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