Global Medical Solutions to manage the radioisotope production in Yerevan

An agreement has been signed between the Armenian Government and the American Global Medical Solutions Ltd. on the management of the Radioisotope Production Center in Yerevan.

First Deputy Head of Government Staff Tigran Gevorgyan and President and Executive Director of the Global Medical Solutions Ltc. Hayk Bakrjyan signed the agreement in Brussels.

The Center being built with the support of the Belgian Government is the first stage of construction of the Armenian Center of Excellence in Oncology (ACEO).

Global Medical Solutions, Ltd. is a leading-edge provider of nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging products and services. Global Medical Solutions operates in Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.

With initial planning support from the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia (NCFA), ACEO’s immediate objective is to satisfy the unmet demand for Western-standard oncology diagnostics and treatment. Medium-term, ACEO will revolutionize cancer care in Armenia and pave the way for additional investments in specialized oncology services—for example, cancer surgery and a children’s cancer hospital. Long-term, the vision is that ACEO will evolve into a regional ―cancer care city with additional services, such as positron therapy, and attract patients from nearby countries and beyond.

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