President Sargsyan meets California state officials

President Serzh Sargsyan received  a delegation headed by the California State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, President’s Press Office reported.

Welcoming the guests, the President attached the utmost importance to the contacts with Armenia’s friends, open and frank dialogue. Serzh Sargsyan underscored that our country aspires to deepen traditionally warm and friendly relations with California. According to the President, our relations are based on the close historical ties of the two nations and presence of a large Armenian community in the US as well as common understanding of the ideas of democracy and freedom. The President of Armenia noted with satisfaction that the Armenian-American relations are currently at the highest level. Stressing that the United States plays an important role in preserving security and stability in our region and provides great assistance to Armenia in her process of reformation, President Sargsyan expressed gratitude to the Government and people of the United States.

Serzh Sargsyan expressed hope that the visit of the delegation headed by John Perez will become an additional impetus and will open new prospects for the development of cooperation between Armenia and California which will undoubtedly create favorable prerequisites for the deepening of the Armenian-US relations.

The parties highly praised the role of the large and influencial Armenian community of California in the state’s social, political, economic and cultural life as well as in enhancing the bilateral relations.

Serzh Sargsyan expressed gratitude to the authorities of California which have adopted resolutions on the state and local levels, paying tribute to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and strongly condemning that crime. According to the President such position testifies to their adherence to all human values.

The President of Armenia stressed also the importance of the visit of the members of the delegation to Nagorno Karabakh which will allow to see first hand and later familiarize the others with that ancient Armenian land, its rich heritage and today’s achievements. Nagorno Karabakh’s openness, accessibility and hospitality, according to the President, will only promote the peacefull resolution of the conflict.

At the guests’ request, the President spoke also about the forthcoming economic programs, reflecting also on the prospects of development of the Armenian-American economic cooperation.

John Perez expressed thanks to the President of Armenia for warm reception, open and frank discussions and a detailed presentation of Armenia’s position on a number of issues. He presented his impressions of the meetings and visits conducted in the framework of his pretty heavy agenda and underscored that the California State Assembly is faithful to its values and pledges to continue its efforts in fighting for historic justice and truth, revealing them to the world and promoting peace and stability, strengthening and developing also our biliateral relations.

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