Ruben Safrastyan: The use of chemical weapons in Syria was a great provocation

Karen Ghazaryan

The use of chemical weapons in Syria is a heavy crime and the guilty should be punished, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences Ruben Safrastyan told a press conference today. According to him, the use of chemical weapons was a great provocation aimed not only at engaging the US and other countries in the Syria events, but also destabilizing the situation in the whole Middle East.

Safrastyan considers the authors of the provocation are the radical forces, which actually started implementing their policy of changes in the Middle East. However, he does not rule out the participation of certain American and Turkish forces.

He noted that while the US President seemed to support the idea of immediate intervention, it becomes clear from his most recent remarks that the US will still wait for the development of events. The same approach laid in the basis of yesterday’s statement of the UK Foreign Minister, who said “it’s necessary to wait for the conclusion of the UN experts.”

According to the analyst, if the US bypasses the UN Security Council and hits Syria, it will violate the international law and weaken the role of the UN, which will, in turn, have a negative impact on the developments all over the world. Besides, it will be dangerous for the US, itself, as it will “earn”the hostility of a huge sector of the Arab world.

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