New Urartian trace found in Artsakh

Lusine Avanesyan

Archaeologists have found another Urartian trace in Artsakh. The artifacts found as a result of excavations in Karkar castle-city found two years ago between the cities of Shushi and Stepanakert with the sponsorship of the state, which testify to the links between the Kingdom of Van and the residents of Karkar.

An evidence of links between Karkar and all of Artsakh with the Kingdom of Van is the ancient 1.5 km-long canal, which stretches from Shushi to Karkar and passes through the city. The traces of it have been preserved on the plateau, in the forest and the mountains.

The artifacts found in Karkar refute the evidences of Arab sources that Karkar was founded by Khosrow Anushirvan King in the 6th century. The city has a more ancient history, which is proved by the items found during excavations.

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