UAE tour company adds tours to Armenia, Karabakh to its offerings

Offbeatours, a UAE based tour company has added tours to Armenia to its offerings, reports.

David Butler, Owner of Offbeatours, chooses destinations that exceptionally provide eye-opening and adventurous experiences. Keeping this ethos in mind, five unique trips within Armenia, focusing on various aspects of the region, have been recently launched.

“Armenia had to be the next addition to our portfolio of tours. It is a land of mountains and monasteries offering great weather at this time of the year and bringing five different facets of the country, is a great combination. I assure adventurous tourists will find it an intriguing experience,” said David Butler.

“Each tour has a unique aspect that it focuses on. While travelling through Eastern Armenia monuments bring history to life with a trip that focuses on the landscapes, from mountain tops to monasteries. Another tour shows travelers scenic spots and villages that have kept Armenian history alive even today and a tour to the West of Armenia shows you another face of the region’s heritage. Another interesting tour is to the self-proclaimed independent Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, which is not on the itineraries of most visitors to the region.

From natural beauty, to dwelling deep into history of the region, monuments and ancient ruins, each aspect is covered with a distinctive approach. Tourists are left to decide the number of days and sites they would like to visit based on key interest areas and convenience.

Among the five trips, those looking for a short break can opt for the four day or five day trips, while those looking for a longer stay and seeking to learn more about the country can choose the eight day trip. All Armenia tours are carried out in either four-wheel drive vehicles or minibuses and include a driver and an English speaking guide.

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