Turkish Armenian journalist urges support for Sevan Nisanian

Cevat-Sinet“All of us are accomplices in the crime Sevan Nisanian is charged with,” Armenian journalist of Aykiridogrular website Cevat Sinet said, referring to the Turkish-Armenian writer’s 13-month sentence, reports.

According to him, all circles in Turkey, which trust  the judiciary and respect human rights should support Nisanyan.

“It seems like they want  killed Sevan , just as they had targeted Hrant Dink. It’s Sevan’s turn now,” the journalist said, urging everyone to express their protest against this ostentation and nationalism.

“It’s necessary to take measure unless another dove is killed. Wrong are those who consider that every thinking man in this country can be “re-educated” with their jails and bullets. There are many hrants and sevans in this country. The doves will never be extinguished in this country,” Cevat Sinet concluded.

Yesterday an Istanbul court sentenced Turkish-Armenian writer Sevan Nisanyan to 58 weeks in prison for an alleged insult to the Prophet Muhammad in a blog post.

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