Congratulatory Address by President Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day

Dear Compatriots,

I congratulate us all on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day.

For our nation, May 9 holds double significance. Glorious victory achieved through the heroic deeds of our fathers and grandfathers side by side with many other nations, not only saved our country from the imminent catastrophe but also allowed to build a peaceful and creative future. In the fight with fascism, the Armenian soldiers had once again manifested the freedom-loving nature of our people and determination to accomplish heroic deeds, becoming thus unique inspiration in Artsakh’s fight for freedom. With the liberation of Shushi, May 9 acquired a new meaning, became a new symbol of victory and peace.

For us, May 9 is the day of deliverance and freedom, a new beginning for new hopes, a new life, a historic milestone in the modern history of the Armenian nation. Today, the most important thing is crystal-clear: we don’t need anyone’s lenience to live in our own home and will cut out any violence on its root. May 9 is a weighty proof that in case of need, we will not hesitate to exercise our right for self-defense and will do so to its utmost. This is the present formula for peace.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Regrettably, peace is often to be paid for by lives: eternal glory to our heroes. We will immortalize their deed by building a strong and rising state.

I once again congratulate all compatriots in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and Spyurk and wish lasting peace and creative work.

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