Issues of freedom of religion, activity of Armenian Churches in Canada discussed in Ottawa

Armenian Ambassador to Canada Armen Yeganyan met with Andrew Bennett, head Ottawa’s new Office of Religious Freedom. Andrew Bennett said at the meeting that the opening of the Office aims to ensure a broad framework for addressing the cases of human rights violation.

The Ambassadors talked about issues of freedom of religion in Armenia and hailed the existence of a Muslim Mosque, a Jewish Synagogue, an Orthodox Church and other religious institutions in the country along with the Armenian Apostolic Church. Reference was made to the activity of tens of Armenian churches in Canada, the involvement of the Armenian community in the religious and cultural life of the country.

Ambassador Yeganyan briefed Andrew Bennett on issues of protection of Armenian spiritual and cultural values abroad, drawing special attention to the destruction of the Armenian cemeteries and cross-stones in Jugha.

The Armenian Ambassador emphasized the unacceptability of destruction of spiritual and cultural values and the urgency of preventing such acts of vandalism.

The Ambassadors stressed their willingness to cooperate in the field of protection of religious freedoms and cultural values.

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