Eurovision 2013: Composer Tony Iommy supports Dorians of Armenia

The composer of the Armenian entry for Malmö, the rock song Lonely Planet, is one of the most famous figures involved in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Now the guitarist of Black Sabbath found time for a short exclusive interview for

Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Iommi who wrote the Lonely Planet, the Armenian Eurovision entry, gave an exclusive interview for We have talked to the manager of Dorians, who admitted that he hesitated a long time before asking you to provide a song for the Armenian national selection. “It was really weird to ask for a Eurovision song from the Godfather of heavy metal”, he said. So what was your first reaction to the proposal?

Tony Iommy: I was really pleased to be asked and it didn’t take long to agree. I had a quick think and felt that one of my ideas would be suitable. Are you happy with the lyrics of Lonely Planet and the way that Dorians have arranged and performed the song?

Tony Iommy: I think they’re really good – it’s something that should concern us all. The Dorians perform really well, they largely followed the demo that I had done at home so there wasn’t a surprise. Isn’t it strange for you – to listen to your music performed by others, especially the guitar riffs and solo?

Tony Iommy: Over the years I’ve got used to so many other people performing Black Sabbath material I don’t find it strange now. What you think – is there a chance that people who normally don’t watch the Eurovision Song Contest will change their minds this year because of your involvement?

Tony Iommy: I hope so! What is your message to Dorians ahead of their semifinal on May 16th?

Tony Iommy: Best of luck, you deserve to do well, sorry I can’t be there in person!

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