Bulgaria PM: Genocide the most proper term to describe the Armenian massacre in Ottoman Turkey

“Mass killing of the Armenians in the former Ottoman Empire is one of the most shameful pages in the modern history,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Marin Raykov on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for the Armenian Genocide of 1915–1923, April 24, FOCUS News Agency reports.

“We know that the Ottoman Empire bears the stigma of this very heavy responsibility over the brutal atrocity with the killing of the Armenians over ethnic principle in this period of time. From now on, as far as whether this could be described as a manifestation of genocide from juridical point of view is concerned, I am convinced that since this term is legally codified in the recent decades, i.e. in a much later period, the term itself could be definitely the most proper one,” Raykov remarked.

“It is another matter of concern that what has been done cannot be questioned, since if it is questioned, then it would be a case of negationism,” the Bulgarian interim prime minister said.

“I do not share such a vision [on the issue]. I bow before the victims. I believe that both from Armenian and Turkish side, there is a need to make a common reading of the history,” Raykov said further.

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