Tigran Balayan: Armenian not accused of supplying weapons to Libya

According to some press reports, it is noted in the report the Group of Experts  monitoring an arms embargo imposed on Libya has submitted to the UN Security Council that Armenia has supplied weapons to Libya despite the sanctions applied against that country.

“The report the Group of Experts submitted to the UN Security Council on February 15 includes no formulation, saying Armenia has supplied weapons to Libya and includes no accusation against Armenia at all,” Spokesman for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tigran Balayan said in comments to Armenpress.

“The report available on UN webpage, indicates to a number of private companies, some registered in NATO member states, which are related to the transpiration of military goods to Libya. There are two Armenian companies in the list,” Balayan said.

In response to an inquiry of the Group of Experts, Armenia has provided exhaustive information about the above-mentioned companies and their activity, the Spokesman concluded.

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