Agrophilia Travel News: Karabakh attracts more tourists

The National Statistical Service of the Nagorno Karabakh reports that visits to ancient Karabakh were 36.9% higher for 2012 than visits from the previous year. Visitors from 86 countries ventured to the Caucasus highlands in between Armenia and Azerbaijan known as the “black garden,” the Agrophilia Travel News writes.

“For those unfamiliar, this part of Armenia has been variously controlled by one empire or another, and under almost continual flux over who actually controlled it. Persia to the Mongols and more recently Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia the region from the steppes of the Caucasus to the high plateaus is desirable, to say the least. Since medieval times this part of Armenia has held a fascinating history descended from the Kingdom of Artsakh, as far forward as the 20th century,” the website writes.

Agrophilia Travel News reminds about the Karabakh conflict, but notes that “regardless of the politics, this part of the Caucasus is truly amazing for its people and its landscapes, not to mention the historic significance.”

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