Julio Iglesias in Armenia as part of his world tour

Lilit Muradyan

Spanish singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias is scheduled to give a concert in Yerevan on March 18 as part of his world tour.

“As I was departing for Yerevan yesterday, I was told I was leaving for a very warm country, but not because the weather is warm but because people are warm,” Iglesias told reporters in Yerevan.

“I have come to the country of my Armenian friends,” he said.

“I have many Armenian friends. I have met thousands of Armenians for the last 45 years. They are spreading your culture all over the globe. So, my visit is not a visit of a foreigner but of a close friend.  I was happy to come here and will sing with pleasure,” Iglesias said during the press conference.

The Spanish singer said  Charles Aznavour is his good friend and elder brother.

As a child Iglesias played for Real Madrid, but he confesses he sings better than plays football.

Julio Iglesias said he will sing an Armenian song at the concert, but did not reveal the composer. ” The music of the Armenian people comes from the soul,” he said.

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