10% economic growth possible, economist says

Nvard Davtyan

The projected 5-7% annual economic growth is the lowest threshold of our capacities, economist, head of the “Alternative” research center Tatul Manaseryan told reporters today. He believes we can ensure a 10% growth, if we make correct use of the resources. He means the human, mineral, industrial and financial resources.

According to him, we must proceed from the pre-electoral period of expectations to a stage of development. Tatul Manasaryan says it’s necessary to make changes in the Government implement institutional reforms.

According to the economist, the government’s strategy for 2012-2025 is of special importance, as it comes to give all answers to all kind of criticism of the executive body. Manaseryan welcomes the fact that skilled specialists and representatives are involved in the elaboration of the program, and the discussions are rather transparent.

The economist says “when speaking about the Armenian economy, we should keep in mind the developments in regional and global economies, as our country is still import-oriented.”

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