Armenian String Cheese is fresh change from mozzarella

Armenian string cheese is an exotic change from fresh mozzarella if you are looking for a mild, milky cheese with stretch, Evansville Courier & Press writes.

“Like mozzarella, Armenian string cheese is a filata cheese. This means after the curds are formed, they are drained, then heated, salted and pulled, doubled and pulled again and again, somewhat like taffy, to form the elastic texture and fine separable strings we associate with string cheeses. Then they are doubled up in pretty knots and stored in brine or packaged in Cryovac. The cheese is sold fresh, with no aging,” the website writes.

Pretty little black nigella seeds sprinkled throughout the cheese supply texture and a sharp, oregano-like flavor. The cheese is most attractive served with the strings pulled apart into a pile of fluffy threads.

“Armenian string cheese can be used just like fresh mozzarella, and is very suited for eating cold as a snack, on a sandwich, with flat bread and relish, or in a salad. It may also be melted in a pita or atop flatbread, or even used as a pizza cheese,” the article reads.

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