Vardan Sedrakyan to start the campaign on February 1st

Aida Avetisyan

Specialist of epic studies Vardan Sedrakyan will start the active campaign from February 1st, giving a chance to the rest of the candidates to improve their rating.

Sedrakyan will mostly concentrate on interview to TV Companies and the print media. “I have a say, and I can express everything in a 30-40 minute interview,” he said.

Why should the common citizen elect Vardan Sedrakyan? “I will dissolve the National Assembly formed as a result of the unfair elections, providing an opportunity to all parties to participate in fair elections, as a result of which a new parliament will be formed,” he said.

“I will create an institute of four presidents. I will unite everyone around a single idea,” the candidate said.

Sedrakyan wants to remind all three ex-Presidents that all of them are guilty for today’s situation. He thanked the two ex-Presidents for refusing to participate in elections and thus eliminating all obstacles for him.

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