First Armenian women on their way to Everest

In 2012 two Armenian women – Lyuba Balyan and Mariam Martirosyan, headed for their trip to Everest. Everest Mount is the Eart’s highest mountain, with a peak at 8,848 meters. It borders Nepal and China. In Tibet this mount is called Chomlungma, which means “divine”. In Nepal it’s named Sagarmatha which means “Holy Mother”.

Lyuba Balyan and Mariam Martirosyan reached the mark of 5,364 meters. After this mark Everest can only be conquered by professional alpinists with special climbing gears. But a few can get to even this camp.

Lyuba Balyan said: “Everything started with a photo, which an Englishman took in small village in the Himalayas. I learnt its name – Namche Bazaar, which is located on the way to Everest. And I decided to head for there. If Mariam weren’t with me, the trip wouldn’t be so easy…”

Lyuba Balyan and Mariam Martirosyan also mentioned that: “The trip was amazing, even attitude sickness didn’t touch us. We climbed at the height of 5,364 meters, this is the whereabouts of the camp, after which only alpinists are eligible to continue with climbing gears. It turned out to be a landslide.”

“We saw Everest melting. The alpinists, who attempted to climb Everest from the side of Nepal, couldn’t do it, as the wind blew off the snow. They had to climb through Tibet. I think it is the result of the global warming.”

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