Mkhitaryan voted FC Shaktar’s best attacking midfielders in 2012

FC Shaktar has summed up the results of the fourth round of the vote aimed to define Shakhtar’s perfect line-up in 2012. This time, the football supporters have picked the best football attacking midfielders, 2591 people have taken part in the vote, Shakhtar’s Press Office reports.

Thus, the majority, that is, 1175 (45.35%) have picked Henrikh Mkhitaryan as the best player, 687 (26.51%) football fans have voted for Willian. Slightly fewer points have been received by Alex Teixeira with  451 (17.41%) votes. Thus, the above trio of players, according to the fans, has created the attacking power in the middle of the field in the best possible way

Shakhtar’s best attacking midfielders in 2012
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 1175 (45,35%)
Willian 687 (26.51%)
Alex Teixeira 451 (17.41%)
Total votes: 2591

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