Apartment rent one of the major problems Syrian Armenians face

Nvard Davtyan

About 1,500 families are registered at the Coordination Center for Syrian Armenians established by the Ministry of Diaspora about two months ago.

In the initial stage the problems of Syrian Armenians were connected with passports, visas, and education. The problem of documents was solved after a number of legislative amendments, the issue of education is also closed.

Many Syrian Armenians apply to the center today on issues of apartment rents. The Armenian General Benevolent Union has paid the three-month fee for the apartments of deprived families.

Activist of the center are engaged in solving the issue of employment. They have applied to the 300 tax-paying companies.

Many Syrian Armenians, who arrived in Armenian summer face the problem of winter closes, and the UN Office in Armenia has expressed willingness to provide assistance.

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