Edward Nalbandian: Armenia stands for harmonization of integration processes, not their contradiction

“Armenia will continue its efforts towards reinforcement of the Commonwealth of Independent States as a structure for all-inclusive cooperation on a wide range of issue,” Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said in a interview with Interfax.

Edward Nalbandian said “Armenia stands for harmonization of integration processes, not their contradiction.” “We have never declared we prefer the Euro-Atlantic cooperation to all others,” the Minister said.

“We have allied strategic relations with Russia.  We are linked by deep ties, which forms the solid ground, on which we can add new stones into our strong allied relations, which have withstood the test of time,” the Minister said.

“As for the CIS, Armenia is not only a founder, but also one of the active members of the Commonwealth. Our country is one of the leaders as regards the number of signed adopted documents within the framework of the CIS. Armenia was one of the first to ratify the Free Trade Zone Agreement,” Edward Nalbandian added.

The Minister underlined that “Armenia is successfully developing its relations with the European Union.” “We have completed the preparation of the Association Agreement and are negotiating the creation of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.”

“Armenia is conducting an open and predictable policy. We are determined to further deepen our allied relations and develop partnership with all counties willing to develop cooperation on a mutually beneficial ground for the sake of the country’s maximal involvement in international and regional formats,” the Armenian Foreign Minister said.

“The dialogue between different integration structures can contribute to the formation of a common space without any dividing lines for the benefit of all states and their harmonious development,” Edward Nalbandian concluded.

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