New Transactional e-Governance Development project in Armenia to cost €1.3 million

Artak Barseghyan

A two-year project on Transactional e-Governance Development was launched in Armenia today with support from the European Union. This new e-Armenia initiative aims to create transactional electronic services, assist the digitalization of the Armenian civil registry and provide Armenian citizens with a new way to communicate with the Government.

The project will also digitalize the national archives, create an electronic statistics system and an e-mail system for government contacts. The overall efforts are expected to strengthen public sector reform in Armenia and introduce new system for e-Governance, leading to a positive impact on democratic development and good governance, as well as transparency and anti-corruption measures.

The Transactional e-Governance Development in Armenia project is financed by the European Union with €1.3 million and will last for two years.

“I think this project will contribute to Armenia’s democratic development and good governance, leading to reforms for the benefit of the capacity development and decrease of the administrative burden and obstacles,” Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Traian Hristea said.

Speaking on the impact e-government-oriented reforms implemented in 2008-2012, the Head of Staff of RA Government David Sargsyan said that 15 e-government systems had been introduced in a number of fields, including electronic signature, electronic document circulation systems, the Taxpayer-3 system, electronic registry for registering businesses, e-auctions, e-police, e-cadastre, electronic payments, online budgeting, electronic licensing, online government applications, the DataLex and Arlis systems, online reporting to tax authorities, electronic photo galleries and identification cards.

Forty  State agencies are circulating electronic documents in inter-departmental and internal communication. 10 thousand civil servants are making everyday use of the system of e-governance.

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