A piece of Armenia in South America

Lusine Vasilyan

The delegation headed by President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay Jorge Orrico has arrived in Armenia for an official visit. “I’m honored to represent the country, which was the first to recognize the Armenian Genocide,” Mr. Orrico said, speaking at today’s sitting of the Armenian National Assembly.

Armenia and Uruguay have a number of similarities: both are small states surrounded by large countries, Jorge Orrico said. Speaking about his country, President of the Chamber of Representatives of Uruguay said: “We are an open country and are trying to become the most democratic in our region. If there were just a few countries Uruguay was cooperating with several decades ago, today it has economic relations with over 120 countries of the world and is proud of the steady economic growth for nine years in a row and an attractive investment climate.”

Jorge Orrico recalled the fact that Uruguay was the first country to recognize the Armenian Genocide and give start to the process of its international recognition.

“We are the grandsons of those Uruguayans, who opened their hearts in 1915 to accept the persecuted peoples. We are honored to be the first to accept the Armenian Genocide by law. It happened on April 22, 1965. I would like to note that we have an Armenian Genocide museum in our country and every year on April 24 we hold commemorative events at the Chamber of Representatives. We are a piece of Armenia in South America,” Jorge Orrico said.

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